Thoughts turn into a beautiful poem by SYLVIA

Thoughts turn into a beautiful poem by SYLVIA



Oy!!!  Trying to keep up with the NOW


The truth is


Who actually knows HOW?




Computers, facebook, google


Email, tweets it is all just a bunch of smhoogle


I’m trying to keep up…for my own sake


The truth is


I can’t even keep my Harold AWAKE




It’s 2013 …find out what’s trending


Oy all this hoku pokus…my mind sure is bending




Big Syl relax


You chest is just heaving


Put your finger under Harold’s nose …


make sure he’s still breathing




Time to take a nap…red headed Syl


Maybe eat a pickle


But make sure that it is dill




Yes…this is the end


But first I’ll order a pizza


And to me have them send.!




Sylvia thinks the film Barbara is Blahhh!

Sylvia thinks the film Barbara is Blahhh!

Soooo….I went to see that foreign film ,“BARBARA”…what can I tell you, it got rave reviews.  Did I love it…NO.

Did I like it?…NO….what can I tell you , I heard it was great….Of course, then I wonder if they saw the  same film I did …Let me tell you in a word how the movie was….BORING  over and over and over…the same thing…I’m talkin repetitive!  Indulgent….and not enough happening….Soooo…here it is—-My life is fuller then BARBARA’S…and I don’t care if BARBAR is mad…I told the truth…Hey BARB..Get a LIFE!!!!!



!….that’s right…you know it….I CAN’T SLEEP!!!  I’m, sick of trying to relax and drift off, it only makes me nervous, and who can sleep when they’re nervous….You might say…..I’m very up tight!  I can’t go to sleep and Harold can’t wake up.  I’m watching TV…while Harold is snoring.  Saw Jimmy Falon.  You know I have a crush on that cutey….an adorable man and so talented!  I think Carsy Daly is great.  He has such an interesting show.   You know what…I think I have indigestion.  I could die here and Harold wouldn’t wake up.  I have got to sleep.  I have a big day tomorrow..(getting my roots done)…always something.  When I get my roots done…I feel better!  GOOD NIGHT…opps, I mean, GOOD MORNING

Gingerbread!!!  dangerous!

Gingerbread!!! dangerous!

One of my BFF’S, Gaby, brought me part of a gingerbread house….I believe it was the master bedroom and living room and garage….This funny comedian ate it before I could even decorate it!!!  Oy, I am sooo sorry..I’ll be bloated tomorrow.

Sometimes I’m uncontrollable.  I’m gonna put on my New Year‘s list…”Sylvia, B CONTROLLABLE”!!!  I think I’ll lay/lie down.