Oh yeah…Here it comes. The costumes is the biggest question. What are you wearing for Halloween. Should Harold and I get dressed in a costume and trick or treat? Why should it only be for kids. Anybody can trick or treat if they want to! Thinking of what to wear. Thought about a playboy bunny…oy, you have to pull your waist in so tight and then prop your bosom up so high. Forget it. To much trouble and SO UNCOMFORTABLE. Maybe a gypsy. Excuse me , now they call em psychics. I could wear a lot of scarves and bangle bracelets and colors and maybe make alittle money by telling people their fortunes. Yeah, that’s more like it. Harold can go as me and I could go as Harold. No. Then I would have to get in his lazy boy chair and roll it down the street. To much trouble.
I don’t think Harold is gonna go. He just doesn’t care about things as much as I do, like candy. No, I ‘ll go alone…maybe as a champion cannaster or mah jang player. Guess what. If that party pooper Harold doesn’t go trick or treating with me, I’m not sharing my candy with him. I know, I’ll just give him the cheap candy corn and not the reese cups! A person has to have boundaries.