Sometimes it is difficult to sleep cause of the huge rollers I set my hair with…..I am about 3 feet above my pillow.    Oy…how I suffer for beauty…..Then about 4 or 5 times a night I check to see if Harold is still breathing.  I check with my little mirror.  Last night it was faint…but…still breathing…I have no luck.!


…No mazel!  Well tomorrow…well I guess you would call it today…just little later, I am gonna have lunch with a friend.  Now I don’t know what to have, the tuna or the salmon, or should I even have fish all together.  Sometimes I am just not in a mood to make big decisions.  Well I am turning on the heating paid.  So…where do I put it tonight?  On my tummy (I’m bloated). My neck (always cramped up) My left knee, had new knee put in and It is killin me!  Another BIG decision.  It’s not easy, since I am a LIBRA.  Very difficult being a Libra…but also a lot of fun.  Well I guess I should try to go to sleep.  I need my sleep to go to lunch tomorrow.


Nite my peeps.