Oh yeah…Here it comes. The costumes is the biggest question. What are you wearing for Halloween. Should Harold and I get dressed in a costume and trick or treat? Why should it only be for kids. Anybody can trick or treat if they want to! Thinking of what to wear. Thought about a playboy bunny…oy, you have to pull your waist in so tight and then prop your bosom up so high. Forget it. To much trouble and SO UNCOMFORTABLE. Maybe a gypsy. Excuse me , now they call em psychics. I could wear a lot of scarves and bangle bracelets and colors and maybe make alittle money by telling people their fortunes. Yeah, that’s more like it. Harold can go as me and I could go as Harold. No. Then I would have to get in his lazy boy chair and roll it down the street. To much trouble.
I don’t think Harold is gonna go. He just doesn’t care about things as much as I do, like candy. No, I ‘ll go alone…maybe as a champion cannaster or mah jang player. Guess what. If that party pooper Harold doesn’t go trick or treating with me, I’m not sharing my candy with him. I know, I’ll just give him the cheap candy corn and not the reese cups! A person has to have boundaries.

Sometimes I can’t find my Harold

Sometimes I can’t find my Harold

Sometimes I can’t find my Harold…Sometimes he just blends into the rug.  But…maybe that’s a good thing.  Maybe this weekend I can drag him (kicking and screaming) out of the house.  I’ll try my hardest…but if not, me and my BFF Myra will go gallivanting!  …The new POPE looks like a nice guy…warm, nurturing and he cares about the poor…I’ll tell you what, I LIKE HIS FACE!

Sometimes I can’t find Harold

Thoughts turn into a beautiful poem by SYLVIA

Thoughts turn into a beautiful poem by SYLVIA



Oy!!!  Trying to keep up with the NOW


The truth is


Who actually knows HOW?




Computers, facebook, google


Email, tweets it is all just a bunch of smhoogle


I’m trying to keep up…for my own sake


The truth is


I can’t even keep my Harold AWAKE




It’s 2013 …find out what’s trending


Oy all this hoku pokus…my mind sure is bending




Big Syl relax


You chest is just heaving


Put your finger under Harold’s nose …


make sure he’s still breathing




Time to take a nap…red headed Syl


Maybe eat a pickle


But make sure that it is dill




Yes…this is the end


But first I’ll order a pizza


And to me have them send.!




Funny News Headlines: What is this END OF THE WORLD rumor going around….

Funny News Headlines: What is this END OF THE WORLD rumor going around….

Oy! IF it ends tomorrow the first thing I am going to do is order a pizza with extra crispy crust and extra cheese. and garlic…yummy!
…..I will wait awhile then a bagel and creme cheese and lox…then on to a few desserts….chocolate… I’ll dress nice…..but not tooo subtle and a lot of my good jewelry ….I will tell Harold what I like about him and what I DON’T like about him….Give my beloved turtle Moishe some extra food. I’ll make some calls and tell a few people how I
REALLY feel about them!!!!!! Then I will relax…put music on …read a magazine and have some ice cream….sounds pretty good to me!