I’ll tell you the truth…I’m stressed out…I have sssshpulcas, (tremendous anxiety)! I mean I can’t sleep! You know I was never a good sleeper…So annoying how Harold can go to sleep in less then a second …Actually he is asleep most of the time. In fact ..Now I’m wondering if he is awake any other time except to eat. I DON”T KNOW! Sure Harold can just go..To ..Sleep cause he doesn’t have heavy decisions weighing down his mind. He isn’t experiencing anxiety 24 hours a day trying to figure out what to do….No, he’s relaxed and mostly asleep. I’m the one left suffering …suffering and more suffering trying desperately to come up with, not only the answer…but…the RIGHT answer concerning who I am gonna watch first …my JIMMALA KIMMALA…or JIMMY WIMMEY FALLON!!! OY!!!! I’m dying!

First of all, I don’t want to hurt anyone/s feelings. That is not what I am about…you all know that. I want the people I love to get ahead. You know I was sooo happy when they moved my Jimmala’s show to an earlier time! I couldn’t wait to tell Myra how excited I was for JIMMALA. The “CANNASTA GIRLS” celebrated by having a cake and ice cream instead of Danish that evening. When JIMMALA got engaged, “THE CANASTA GIRLS” celebrated by having champagne with cake and ice cream. When Jimmy Wimmy got the TONIGHT SHOW, the “CANNAASTA FIRLS” celebrated by having a whole spread…bagels with a shmear and lox (not salty)…the whole thing…chopped liver…tomato and onion and of course pickles…

Now, I’m anxious and depressed because soon I have to decide which Jimmy I watch first!!!! I don’t want to play favorites. Mother’s shouldn’t do it and I shouldn’t do it. I feel like their relative…(you know an aunt or something) It is interesting to me how I can feel soooo close to them like we are family.

So, my mother use to say make a list of the good (the pros) and then another list of the not so good the (cons)…I made so many lists I had to wake up Harold and tell him to take out the trash cause there was sooo much paper. I guess I should just go with my gut…

Maybe I should take a Xanax and calm down and that might help me make a decision. Oy, when I get like this I over eat and then I feel bloated and even worse. (Oy, bloat is the enemy)!

Did you know I love music, it really helps everything. I leave the music on ALL the time. It makes me think better. I like all kinds of music. I have music on right now to calm me down. You know that ISLAND GIRL…Rimanna something …her new song STAY is sooo beautiful…It goes right to my heart. I wouldn’t dream of getting dressed and putting on my make-up without the music on. Now that I think about it ..maybe Harold has been talking to me but I have the music on and I can’t hear him!!!! You know what I think, maybe it’s how you can stay in a relationship forever….don’t listen to them, just LISTEN TO THE MUSIC.

Soo all of my SYLVIA PEEPPS, How am I gonna decide? Which JIMMY goes first?
You know if I was gonna have a son, I would have Jimmala and Jimmy Wimmy….I would have to have two sons…OY!!!! I have a headache trying to make this very important life changing, earth shattering decision……HELP! Come on, HELP SYLVIA!!!!! Come on…I’ll owe ya one!



Sometimes it is difficult to sleep cause of the huge rollers I set my hair with…..I am about 3 feet above my pillow.    Oy…how I suffer for beauty…..Then about 4 or 5 times a night I check to see if Harold is still breathing.  I check with my little mirror.  Last night it was faint…but…still breathing…I have no luck.!


…No mazel!  Well tomorrow…well I guess you would call it today…just little later, I am gonna have lunch with a friend.  Now I don’t know what to have, the tuna or the salmon, or should I even have fish all together.  Sometimes I am just not in a mood to make big decisions.  Well I am turning on the heating paid.  So…where do I put it tonight?  On my tummy (I’m bloated). My neck (always cramped up) My left knee, had new knee put in and It is killin me!  Another BIG decision.  It’s not easy, since I am a LIBRA.  Very difficult being a Libra…but also a lot of fun.  Well I guess I should try to go to sleep.  I need my sleep to go to lunch tomorrow.


Nite my peeps.


Sometimes I can’t find my Harold

Sometimes I can’t find my Harold

Sometimes I can’t find my Harold…Sometimes he just blends into the rug.  But…maybe that’s a good thing.  Maybe this weekend I can drag him (kicking and screaming) out of the house.  I’ll try my hardest…but if not, me and my BFF Myra will go gallivanting!  …The new POPE looks like a nice guy…warm, nurturing and he cares about the poor…I’ll tell you what, I LIKE HIS FACE!

Sometimes I can’t find Harold

Thoughts turn into a beautiful poem by SYLVIA

Thoughts turn into a beautiful poem by SYLVIA



Oy!!!  Trying to keep up with the NOW


The truth is


Who actually knows HOW?




Computers, facebook, google


Email, tweets it is all just a bunch of smhoogle


I’m trying to keep up…for my own sake


The truth is


I can’t even keep my Harold AWAKE




It’s 2013 …find out what’s trending


Oy all this hoku pokus…my mind sure is bending




Big Syl relax


You chest is just heaving


Put your finger under Harold’s nose …


make sure he’s still breathing




Time to take a nap…red headed Syl


Maybe eat a pickle


But make sure that it is dill




Yes…this is the end


But first I’ll order a pizza


And to me have them send.!




Sylvia thinks the film Barbara is Blahhh!

Sylvia thinks the film Barbara is Blahhh!

Soooo….I went to see that foreign film ,“BARBARA”…what can I tell you, it got rave reviews.  Did I love it…NO.

Did I like it?…NO….what can I tell you , I heard it was great….Of course, then I wonder if they saw the  same film I did …Let me tell you in a word how the movie was….BORING  over and over and over…the same thing…I’m talkin repetitive!  Indulgent….and not enough happening….Soooo…here it is—-My life is fuller then BARBARA’S…and I don’t care if BARBAR is mad…I told the truth…Hey BARB..Get a LIFE!!!!!