I really like it cold.  It is a little brisk now and I hope it remains.  Really…For God’s sake ..who wants to perspire /shvitz for the holidays.  I want to wrap up..you know..scarves….hats….gloves (gotta get my nails done) so I can wear those fingerless gloves for the holidays..You know, REDish black nails sticking out of the black gloves!  I like velvet!  A lot of jewelry…  I’m gonna make Harold dress up….I bought him a beautiful dressing robe royal blue satin.  He’s gonna look like a million bucks..or at least a fin!  (Harold thinks that I am a funny woman) yes, but this female comedian is smart as a whip!  Moishe,(my adorable and very bright turtle) will be in his new green sweater…(loud green).  So I guess we are gonna (as they say) ROCK IT!

And..One question.  Does that NRA guy have absolutely NO heart?…that’s what I’m thinkin!

Ok….Enjoy the PROCESS of xmas!!!!!