!….that’s right…you know it….I CAN’T SLEEP!!!  I’m, sick of trying to relax and drift off, it only makes me nervous, and who can sleep when they’re nervous….You might say…..I’m very up tight!  I can’t go to sleep and Harold can’t wake up.  I’m watching TV…while Harold is snoring.  Saw Jimmy Falon.  You know I have a crush on that cutey….an adorable man and so talented!  I think Carsy Daly is great.  He has such an interesting show.   You know what…I think I have indigestion.  I could die here and Harold wouldn’t wake up.  I have got to sleep.  I have a big day tomorrow..(getting my roots done)…always something.  When I get my roots done…I feel better!  GOOD NIGHT…opps, I mean, GOOD MORNING

Gingerbread!!!  dangerous!

Gingerbread!!! dangerous!

One of my BFF’S, Gaby, brought me part of a gingerbread house….I believe it was the master bedroom and living room and garage….This funny comedian ate it before I could even decorate it!!!  Oy, I am sooo sorry..I’ll be bloated tomorrow.

Sometimes I’m uncontrollable.  I’m gonna put on my New Year‘s list…”Sylvia, B CONTROLLABLE”!!!  I think I’ll lay/lie down.

Funny News Headline:Brisk for the Holidays

Funny News Headline:Brisk for the Holidays

I really like it cold.  It is a little brisk now and I hope it remains.  Really…For God’s sake ..who wants to perspire /shvitz for the holidays.  I want to wrap know..scarves….hats….gloves (gotta get my nails done) so I can wear those fingerless gloves for the holidays..You know, REDish black nails sticking out of the black gloves!  I like velvet!  A lot of jewelry…  I’m gonna make Harold dress up….I bought him a beautiful dressing robe royal blue satin.  He’s gonna look like a million bucks..or at least a fin!  (Harold thinks that I am a funny woman) yes, but this female comedian is smart as a whip!  Moishe,(my adorable and very bright turtle) will be in his new green sweater…(loud green).  So I guess we are gonna (as they say) ROCK IT!

And..One question.  Does that NRA guy have absolutely NO heart?…that’s what I’m thinkin!

Ok….Enjoy the PROCESS of xmas!!!!!

Here comes the Holidays! From a Female Comedian

Here comes the Holidays! From a Female Comedian


Oh boy here they come ….they are coming fast and furious….HOLIDAYS!!!!  We are already into Hanakkah/Channuka!  Silver and blue decorations….little tiny xmas tree sprayed silver and blue balls (that’s right0, I said blue balls)  on the tree.  Kids playing Dradle….Chocolate money in gold wrappers.  Gifts for 8 nights.  Then on xmas day…All Jewish people go eat Chinese food and go to a movie.  Sounds Great.

Soon xmas.  I am sure everyone will be exhausted from shopping, shopping , shopping.It is not easy to get gifts that you think others will enjoy.  Good God I think everyone should be happy!  Love the decorations.  Beautiful lights and beautiful trees and great food and xmas cookies and cakes and egg nog and Santa.  What’s not to like about the holidays where you show people how much you care for them and appreciate them.  I really appreciate all the people doing what they can to make the holiday fun and festive.  Hey, it is a lot of work.

I sure hope it will get cold….It doesn’t seem right to have the holidays and it is not cold…just doesn’t seem right.  Ok, I would even settle for very CHILLY…out of desperation.  Yep…looking forward and do love the holidays.

And …New Years is coming up….OY, can’t talk about it yet!  Signing out for now.  Peace and Love!  And I mean it!!


It’s Sylvia. Who needs to talk to Harold.  I have said it all before.

It’s Sylvia. Who needs to talk to Harold. I have said it all before.

Oy do I LOVE living alone!!  Well I do live with my husband Harold, which is fortunately like living alone.  He can watch TV, read the paper, take a nap and snore all at the same time, in his comfy chair!  Now that’s talent.  I have sooo much time for myself..It’s a pleasure.  I put down something for him to eat and he’s happy!  Could you die!  Once in awhile I yell something in to him just to see if he’s breathing….  OK…I’m gonna paint my toenails…

A big ole hug from